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When I was like 10 years old, I loved to stealthily take my father’s old Zenit and spend all day long photographing. I knew I have a limited number of shots, so I adjusted the picture in the viewfinder for several minutes before pressing the trigger. Sometimes I even lost my subjects (mostly bugs and butterflies) and then I made several shots in my imagination, so when the film ended I had 36 real and hundreds of imaginary pictures. I then spent hours in the dark room developing the photos with my dad – that time is stored in the sweetest corner of my memory.

Years have passed, and the life path led me away from photography to programming and Web development. But I never forgot those amazing moments with camera and two years ago I decided I want to be back in photography, both as Photographer and Web Developer.

This website is built on the Defrozo platfrom I founded a year ago. It’s intended to become photographers’ universal tool for starting and growing their photography business. You can try out Defrozo and start an account for free.

Considering my photography, I’d say I’m a generalist trying to shoot everything I can get to. Take a look at my photos and feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Facebook.